April 28th, 2009


Let the grilling begin!

Spring is doing it's thing 'round these parts.  Generally that means wind and rain interspersed with some glorious days.  My daffodils are up and sparkling and the lawn is filling in with the annual tide of forget-me-nots. 

Sadly, I'm not a lover of yard work, so I'm working on the drive to get grey_twolf  and myself out there and through the springtime clean-up that needs doing.  We are, the two of us, all too easily distracted.  If I can restore the ring of crocuses around my lamp-post for next year and get some herbs going, I'll be happy. 

With warmer weather also comes grilling season!  So far I've only made use of my mid-sized Aussie charcoal grill which I had originally purchased for camping purposes as an upgrade on my table-top gas grill (the Clam, so named due to its clamshell design).  As I become more adept with smaller charcaol manuevers I'm hoping to skip the Clam entirely.  The big charcoal grill needs some TLC after the harsh winter destroyed its protective cover.  In the meantime, Wegmans keeps putting pork butts, ribs, and various other large-scale grillable goodies on sale as if to taunt me...   I hope to develop my skill with ribs this summer. 

The other night I grill-roasted a large chicken--about seven pounds--basted with an orange-honey glaze and perfumed with some sweet mesquite smoke.  Possibly the best single chicken I've made to date; we were in heaven.  Tonight I will sherry-up the leftovers for some tetrazinni as the temperature has dropped and the rains are coming down again.  I think the hint of smokiness will jazz up a classic comfort food to new heights.