jrtheotter (jrtheotter) wrote,

Thank you!

Big "thank-yous" and otter-hugs to all the well wishes for me and grey_twolf !  We are thrilled and more than a little terrified at the volume of what we have to do in comparison to the time we have in which to do it.  Exactly nine days exist between Grey's last day of work at his current job (January 23rd) and his first at the new job (February 2nd).  I feel obligated to point out that Murphy's-Law-Magic is in effect here, as I'm unsurprisingly heading up Brighidshaven's open circle for Imbolc, which is to include the blessing and presentation to the community of my newest godsdaughter.  I very nearly committed to heading up a discussion at the local Pagan Moot on the 2nd, to boot!  Many apologies, heartdancer , but I'll be right there for the moot the following month, promise. 

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