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The Color of Infinity Inside an Empty Glass

Even though I can't explain it, I already know how great it's

3 June 1977
Depending on where you know me from, if you know me, you might use one of any number of names for me--maybe even some I don't know about. No doubt you've heard me call myself J.R., you might use my first name, Jeremy, some folk call me Otter, some Fluffy. Rest assured I'm all one guy, happy to be called upon by any name at all.

If you don't know me, you can call me J.R., or anything else you like. I'm just a busy pagan fellah, trying to keep in touch with friends well loved, and friends much neglected, and just maybe say something vaguely interesting in the process.

All is play, sayeth the otter. My otter nature colors much of what I think and say I do. Otter is my fur form, my animal insides, my basic nature. That's otter as in spirit, not as in slender-sexy-furry-gay-guy. I'm much more the big-round-furry-grab-a-handful-sexy-gay-guy. Just to be clear.

otters are marine mammal love

sychronized dancing is tmbg love
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